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Cigarettes, Drugs and Alcohol

At school, teachers are always giving lectures on the dangers of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs but young people still go out there and use them. In some cases, they get arrested or end up in hospital. Don't make the wrong decision and more importantly, don't feel pressurised.

Drugs are illegal to use but they are not illegal to talk about. You can find information regarding alcohol, cigarettes and drugs below.
It always helps to talk about these issues.

Alcoholics Anonymous is a global organisation, which helps people try to overcome their alcohol problems. People talk about their experiences and help each other to solve their alcohol problems. They have helped over 2 million people worldwide. The best part of this organisation is that it is free and open to all members of public. 
Drink Aware website has information regarding drinking and how to enjoy a drink responsibly.

FRANK has comprehensive details about different types of the drugs used by people today. You can contact them anonymously.

Surrey Drug Care is a drug care help line for people in Surrey. There is a 24/7 free phone number for information regarding drugs and how to quit.
Re Solv is an organisation for the prevention of solvent volatile substance abuse (VSA).

Go Smokefree - Smoking problems? This website could help you. You could find information about the disadvantages of smoking and how to quit it.